1975 Pontiac Trans Am Stolen In Michigan

Jul 29, 2022 2 min read
1975 Pontiac Trans Am Stolen In Michigan

Keep your eyes peeled for this screaming chicken…

Selling your car has always come with quite a few risks, but these days it seems like the scammers are out in force. Unfortunately, a person in Kinderhook Township, Michigan learned that lesson the hard way when a man and woman showed up to look at a beautiful 1975 Pontiac Trans Am for sale. While the couple drove off with the classic American muscle car, the owner was left with nothing.

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According to Michigan State Police, the suspects are 59-year-old Brian David Martin and 52-year-old Angela Frances Plovie. They found the car listed somewhere, that detail wasn’t shared and probably doesn’t matter, contacted the victim, and arranged to meet up and pay for it.

Scammers oftentimes count on getting you excited so you don’t pay attention to what they’re really doing. In this case, the tell was when the couple produced a check for the Trans Am. Plenty of readers will know this is a red flag. If you do get a check, even if it’s certified, you better meet in the parking lot of the bank it’s drawn from, go inside, and get the funds right then before handing over the title and keys. Unfortunately, this person trusted Martin and Plovie.

Unsurprisingly, the check bounced some days later. Of course, the suspects were long gone and wouldn’t respond to any attempts to contact them. Police say the Pontiac has a retro Michigan license plate on the back and a decorate Confederate flag plate on the front, although those could have been changed by now.

Also unsurprisingly, a local news report indicates Martin and Plovie both had arrest warrants before they took this Trans Am. If you happen to see this car or know where the suspects are, contact Michigan State Police at 269-558-0500.

Source: Fox 17

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