1967 Ford Mustang Widebody Finally Gets A Test Drive

Dec 22, 2022 1 min read
1967 Ford Mustang Widebody Finally Gets A Test Drive

Cars like this are the pinnacle of custom automotive art.

You might remember a certain white 1967 Ford mustang fastback whose owners had their eyes set on Sema. It all started because one graphic designing enthusiast went out of their way to make something really cool and the right people just so happened to see it. Nowadays the car is well on its way to being a reality. But, last we checked up on it, it wasn’t even close to being finished. But, after a ton of work and some questionable building decisions, it’s finally on the road and ready to show off to the world.

First of all, acknowledging the incredible bodywork that went into building this car is an absolute must when talking about its creation. Essentially, it was built to reflect the most flamboyant and rambunctious version of a classic mustang that you could possibly imagine with the crazy engine backing up its good looks. That’s exactly what it became with an incredibly wide body kit and very low to the ground stance. All of this automotive engineering work is well and good until you realize the problems that it poses in terms of driving.

Recently the car took a pretty long test drive, it’s first in fact. Before doing so, somebody neglected to properly align the wheels, tires, and suspension which made the extra wide stance and incredibly low ride height a big disadvantage. However, this is a very light issue that really doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things because an alignment is relatively easy to do and shouldn’t take too long even on such a detailed custom classic. For now, the video serves as a reminder of just how close his car is to being completely finished and hopefully it’ll be pretty dang fast once it gets its alignment.

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