Lexus Teases Manual Transmission For EVs

Dec 22, 2022 2 min read
Lexus Teases Manual Transmission For EVs

Would this change your mind about electric cars at all?

Many automotive enthusiasts and even normies have quite a few reservations about switching to electric cars. Lexus seems intent on knocking what admittedly is one of the least of them out of the way, announcing it has a manual transmission option for the battery-electric UX300e, allowing you to row through the gears in a traditional H-pattern.

Check out what a Lexus IS F engine looks like after 220,000 miles here.

The setup features a third pedal and rev counter, although that’s a contrivance in an EV. To provide a more engaging experience, the electric motor and other drive components have been mapped to replicate the experience or driving a V8 or some other gas-burner from back in the day.

There’s an option to turn off shifting if you just want to drive in a zombie state like the other EV owners. But this is supposed to add some interest to what otherwise seems like a rather bland existence.

We’re on the fence about this development. While it’s great Lexus is trying to find ways to spice up EVs and make them feel more analog, we’re skeptical about just how fun something like this is to drive. Maybe it’s a blast, but since we haven’t been able to take it for a spin we’re reserving judgment.

For now, the only options are simulating a four-banger and a V8, so that’s not a hard decision to make. However, we hate how in some newer cars engine noises are ported in the cabin through the speakers. We also aren’t fans of EVs making outright fake V8 noises, which absolutely don’t sound like the real thing. It’s like eating a tofu burger or some other plant-based meat. Again, we appreciate the thought, but perhaps the best thing to do is keep offering some V8 performance rides with a manual transmission, you know, for old time’s sake and to keep us from falling asleep behind the wheel.

Since this manual transmission option for EVs is still in the concept stage, it’s possible it will never make its way to the consumer.

Source: Drive

Photos via Lexus

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