Arkansas Trooper Goes Full Leeroy Jenkins On Camaro

Dec 22, 2022 2 min read
Arkansas Trooper Goes Full Leeroy Jenkins On Camaro

This seems a little excessive…

We’ve praised Arkansas State Police in the past for keeping up with and eventually stopping suspects in much more powerful, faster vehicles. The agency’s troopers seem to be exceptionally well-trained, however accidents happen, even with all that training. That’s what some are saying happened when a trooper ran into a Camaro which already wrecked out and the suspect was exiting. We’ve included the video so you can make up your own mind about what happened.

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It's possible the trooper just got really excited and pulled a Leeroy Jenkins, going overboard when more finesse was needed. Everyone can name instances when police used more force than was necessary in a situation and we’d say slamming into an already-stopped car as the suspect is surrendering probably falls into that category.

The suspect, 19-year-old Tyrese Lancaster, made the stupid decision to run from troopers after he was caught speeding. Eventually, Lancaster’s driving skills ran out and he hit a guard rail, spinning the Camaro around so it was facing the wrong way. A trooper has already pulled up alongside him and Lancaster was stepping out of the Chevy when the other trooper hit the Camaro nose-to-nose.

Somehow, Lancaster was able to roll on the pavement underneath the open driver’s door and not get caught under the Camaro’s front wheel. He reportedly only suffered minor scrapes and bruises, which quite frankly is a miracle.

Troopers searched the Camaro and reportedly found a gym bag with men’s clothing in it and four unopened 12 oz. beers. It seems the suspect was running from police because he had the alcohol illegally. The funny thing is if he had just immediately pulled over and taken the ticket for speeding he probably wouldn’t have been caught for the beer. Instead, he’s facing a string of charges and the Camaro is all smashed up, thanks in part to Trooper Leeroy Jenkins.

Check out both troopers’ dashcam footage in the separate videos.

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