1964 Jim Taylor Video Shows Us How To Save Drag Racing

Jan 26, 2024 1 min read
1964 Jim Taylor Video Shows Us How To Save Drag Racing

Enthusiasm is key.

The 1960s were a wild time for anyone who loved to race cars and be pushed to their absolute limit. Top Fuel dragsters and funny cars alike would have anyone who got in the driver’s seat scream in happiness. With that in mind, a lot of people would love to be able to look back and see those good times once again. That’s exactly what the proud host of a small-time YouTube channel, Maccaisntdead, decided to dig up some old Dragster footage but the craziest part is that that was over ten years ago.

At the beginning, we see a cameraman filming the cars going crazy with big skipping burnouts and first exhaust displays. Then it’s a matter of showing off the bodies in the coolest way possible. Everything from revving to racing on the track is made into a huge spectacle which reminds us all how racing was once the passion of the speed hungry. With so many fancy new features, driving and drag racing has become so much less about the driver and so much more about the cars themselves. The only problem with that is, that bypasses the soul.

It’s likely these cars were somewhere in the 4-5 second quarter-mile range which is insane even for today's modern racers. All of this is well and good but the best part has still got to be the fans that make it all possible. Even past the music and roaring V8 engines, the true joy of onlookers and drivers alike make the whole thing really worth spectating. Maybe this is how we save the sport of drag racing, if you see a race event in your area be sure to attend and make some noise for those badass cars.

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