1964 Chevy Impala Is A Hopping Lowrider

Jul 29, 2022 1 min read
1964 Chevy Impala Is A Hopping Lowrider

This car shows what's possible with some outstanding hydraulics.

While some see the subsection of the car enthusiast world to be distasteful, we fully appreciate the lowrider community. These incredible vehicles have proven to that world the ability of a dedicated group of enthusiasts with a passion for sticking to the norm. So it's easy to see why these cars might be the perfect choice for any rapper looking for a marvelous centerpiece in their music video. One such musician, Nipsey Hussie, had the same idea when filming the video for "Higher," in which this impala was a significant character. With Ice Cube also using the vehicle for "Good Cop, Bad Cop," it's clear that this low rider is special.

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Unlike other vehicles, this old-school muscle car doesn't boast some massive V8 engine with a ton of horsepower and torque. Instead, this lowrider uses the stock-ish 350 cubic inch V8 that the owner bought the car with when he was 16. Even the radiator, which the builder admits he would have customarily swapped for a performance brand, remains on the vehicle. Every corner of this incredible classic custom is what you should look at, as the hydraulic shocks allow the car to bounce up and down like it's dancing. "So what kind of crazy tricks can this flamboyant vintage luxury car perform?" you might ask?

First, standing on three tires while lifting one in the air is no issue for this incredible build despite being set up for a more mild routine. Along with that, you can also see the vehicle bouncing up and down violently as the driver shows his extraordinary skill behind the wheel. This art form is about finding the car's rhythm, according to the owner who designed the vehicle and built it with his six-year-old daughter. All of this makes this 1964 Chevrolet Impala a unique car that will likely only be experienced by this dedicated driver, and we applaud his accomplishment.

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