Owner walks away unscathed...

Monstrous horsepower and a daring dyno test turned into a nerve-wracking ordeal for a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 owner recently. The heart-stopping incident occurred during preparations for the much-anticipated Camaro Fest XII, leaving spectators and the team at Complete Street Performance on edge.

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The dyno test began on a high note, with the 2018 Camaro boasting an impressive 811 horsepower. However, the owner, Andrew Zurich, determined to push the limits, unleashed the engine's might once again. As he floored it with great force, a deafening boom reverberated, and flames erupted from beneath the vehicle.

Panic ensued as the transmission caught fire, prompting the airbag module to deploy, shrouding Andrew in a cloud of dust and smoke. Remarkably, he remained remarkably calm and composed as he quickly exited the Camaro, immediately recording the aftermath of the terrifying incident.

Upon inspection, a puddle of oil was discovered beneath the scorched Camaro, indicating the severity of the mishap. Despite the adrenaline keeping the pain at bay initially, Andrew later realized the extent of the damage. His shoulder ached intensely, which he attributed to the impact of the curtain airbag or a possible whiplash effect from the seatbelt. Additionally, he felt the blow from the airbag on his left ear, further emphasizing the intensity of the incident.

In an attempt to regain control of the vehicle's electronics, the only recourse was to disconnect the battery. As the team at Complete Street Performance maintained their humor despite the frightful setback, they jokingly remarked, "I don't think that's covered under the warranty!" Indeed, such a dramatic dyno test is not covered by any warranty.

Despite the turmoil, there was a glimmer of good news. The Camaro showcased a remarkable 829 horsepower during the event, a testament to its formidable performance capabilities. Furthermore, the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine remained intact, offering a ray of hope for future endeavors.

Reflecting on the incident, Andrew counted his blessings, acknowledging that the mishap occurred in a controlled environment rather than during high-speed racing or on the open highway. The Camaro was reportedly traveling at an astonishing 163 mph (262 kph) when the transmission fire erupted. The skilled team at Complete Street Performance wasted no time, already equipped with a replacement transmission, and assured that the muscle car will be back in its prime soon.

With the Camaro temporarily out of commission, Andrew plans to enjoy the Camaro Fest XII as a spectator, with his sights set on showcasing the C8 Chevy Corvette. As the Camaro returns to the drawing board for repairs, the owner looks forward to future thrilling moments on the road, mindful of the power that resides beneath the hood.

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