1938 Chevy Ad Showing Vacuum Control Gearshift

Dec 22, 2023 2 min read
1938 Chevy Ad Showing Vacuum Control Gearshift

Reflecting on Past Automotive Innovations...

In 1938, Chevrolet released an advertisement that not only showcased one of the auto industry's key innovations but also embedded the brand deeply into the annals of American automotive history. This particular commercial, far from the flashy ads of modern times, focused on educating consumers about a significant technological advancement: the vacuum control Chevrolet gearshift.

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The advertisement commenced with an extensive explanation of vacuum technology. While it could have been more concise, Chevrolet chose to delve into various applications of vacuum science, perhaps to build anticipation and curiosity. The ad cleverly linked the concept of vacuum usage in scientific applications to its practical implementation in automobiles, particularly in gearshift mechanisms.

The centerpiece of the commercial was the explanation of the inner workings of a manual transmission and the challenges associated with gear shifting. It highlighted the complexities of the traditional manual gearshift system, emphasizing the physical effort required and the space occupied by the floor-mounted shift knob. Then, the ad introduced the innovative solution provided by Chevrolet: a vacuum-powered system that enabled the use of a column shifter instead of the traditional floor-mounted version. This not only reduced the physical effort needed to change gears but also offered a more compact design, enhancing the vehicle's interior space.

Interestingly, the ad's depiction of automotive safety norms (or the lack thereof) from that era, such as a child seated unsafely in the front seat, serves as a stark reminder of how far we have come in terms of vehicle safety standards. It's almost comical to think that the shift knob was once considered a significant inconvenience compared to the overlooked necessity of child restraints.

This 1938 Chevy advertisement is a fascinating reflection on the past, highlighting how innovations considered groundbreaking at the time can shape our current automotive landscape. It also prompts us to consider what current technologies might be seen as rudimentary or even negligent in the future. As we look back on this piece of Chevrolet's advertising history, we are reminded of the continuous evolution of automotive technology and the ever-changing perceptions of safety and convenience in the world of cars.

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