World’s Longest Limo Back At It Again After Restoration

Mar 17, 2022 2 min read
World’s Longest Limo Back At It Again After Restoration

After decades of decay, this 100-ft creation has been brought back to life in record breaking fashion.

The Guinness Book of World Records is a long list of some of the craziest achievements known to man, with a particular affinity towards silliness. From extraordinarily tall buildings to some of the shortest people to ever live, there's a myriad of ridiculous phenomena between the pages of that old book. The automotive community is a particularly notorious piece of that manuscript as we've seen some of the most extraordinary custom classics and witnessed a vast number of records being broken. Of course, many may like to focus on the racing pedigree of some cars while others like the general look of certain vehicles, but whatever your taste is, we're sure you weren't expecting something like this.

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This car looks like any ordinary Cadillac Limousine that would carry a vital figure to press conferences or events from the front. However, if you look at the side of the vehicle, you'll see something that we cant say has ever been done before. This Limo is over 100 ft long and sports far more than just a seating area for rich politicians and moguls alike. Instead, those same people can also enjoy a full-sized hot tub and a helipad, probably just for looks. We have no idea if the car could support the weight of an entire helicopter, which is usually about the importance of a small car. Still, it's a really fantastic addition to the vehicle itself.

Originally the car was built in 1986 by a shop in California but was abandoned some decades later, after which it began to decay. In its day, it was the longest land yacht in recorded history, and now it still holds that title as it has been fully restored and made to perform like new at both shows and on the road. Of course, this car's owner has said that he intends to keep the thing parked in a museum, but it is capable of pretty rapid acceleration. So finally, this car has been brought back to life to do what it was initially created for, showing off!

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