Man Looking For Grandfather's 1959 Impala

Feb 9, 2022 1 min read
Man Looking For Grandfather's 1959 Impala

Have you seen it?

Jimmy Conway's grandfather used to have a two-toned 1959 Chevy Impala. He restored it to original condition when he owned it, and Jimmy can’t stop thinking about it. Now, Jimmy is on a mission to find his grandfather’s beloved Chevy Impala.

Conway reached out to an automotive columnist at The Herald-Times, "I'm writing to you to see if your want to do a story, and possibly help me find, the 1959 Impala in cream and dark green that my grandparents owned up until the late '90s when Grandpa passed away. The car is a two-door, full-frame-off restoration, 283, Powerglide, numbers-matching car.”

Herbert Sitzlar died in 1999 and left behind some cars he had restored over the years, and the Impala was said to be his favorite.

"I was 16, or maybe only 15, and I drove it from their home in Greens Fork to Richmond. What a blast, grandpa and his son both quietly grinning ear to ear as I cruised eastbound on State Road 38 to the satisfaction of the rumbling little V8.”

He was heartbroken when his grandmother sold the Chevy to a friend of his grandfather’s for $12,500. Another car, a 1967 Pontiac Firebird was his grandmother’s car, a 70th birthday gift from his grandfather, and that was sold at auction for $40k after she died.

The person who bought the Impala was local to the town his grandfather lived in, which was a very small town. He’s hoping through reaching out and social media, he’ll get to see the Chevy Impala again.

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