Craigslist: Two’fer Twin 1981 Trans Ams

Feb 9, 2022 2 min read
Craigslist: Two’fer Twin 1981 Trans Ams

These cars are a couple of great purchases for anyone looking to get some awesome project cars on a budget.

The 2nd generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is one of the most iconic cars to ever hit the American sales floor due to the sleek muscle car style and "last hurrah" attitude for the 1970s era of pony cars. The image of the "Smokey And The Bandit" Trans Am racing through the interstates of America "running blocker for 800 cases of illegal brew" will live on in large part because of this car. Along with cementing the vehicle as an American legend, the movie also boosted Trans Ams in the second generation past 1977. This is particularly obvious when looking into the end of the second generation of Firebird as 1978-1981 have become cultural icons in the automotive community. These two cars are the perfect examples of that phenomenon as they both sport one of the most instantly recognizable body styles ever to hit the GM lineup.

These Trans Am twins are a couple of the most astonishing Pontiac performance models in the vast collection of old-school muscle/pony cars in which they sit. Initially, the vehicles were thought to be the perfect project cars for the owner. However, after some time sitting, it would appear that plans had changed for the Trans Am pair because of the mounds of rust that cover the bodies. Under the hood of one of the T/As is a turbocharged V8 engine which would have put out around 200 horsepower. This powerhouse was infamously known as the problem child of the GM V8 lineup for its unreliability which makes it the perfect car for anyone looking for an ultra-rare '70s pony car.

The second car in this duo is an incredible Trans Am who also boasts a pretty rare option in the form of a shaker hood which currently covers an empty engine bay where a potent 305 ci V8 engine once sat. Of course, this is no loss for the car as that engine would have only produced around 150 horsepower with a set of 3.08 gears. Of course, the beautiful aspect of these cars is not the performance. Instead, it is the style and opportunity that they present. As stated in the ad, these are undoubtedly perfect project cars for anyone willing to complete restoration. Not only are they an excellent choice for anyone looking into building their dream Trans Ams, but they're also a great price. The cars are incredibly well priced at just $3000 for the Turbo Trans Am and $2000 for the N/A Trans Am. Furthermore, the seller also gives the option to buy both cars for a discounted price of just $4000. These cars are the perfect choice for anyone looking for two cheap starter cars to build to their dream classic.

Source: Craigslist

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