Tom Discovers Orphan Classic Car Find

Nov 27, 2019 2 min read
Tom Discovers Orphan Classic Car Find

Barn Find Hunter is at it again.

Tom Cotter is tooling around the big open spaces of Montana in Episode 68 of Barn Find Hunter. He begins driving down the road, listing off all kinds of appointments he has set up for the day, which sounds busy. With a lot of promise to this episode, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

One of the best parts is when Tom visits what’s called “The Hornets Nest” in Livingston. The guy who owns the property has all kinds of cars scattered about, including many of them in barn-like structures with car logos painted over the open doors. Tom just about goes crazy looking at everything, especially the numerous Hudsons. It turns out the guy decided on most of his cars because they came from orphan brands like Studebaker, Nash, Hudson, Jeep, etc. where they were passed from one automaker to another. It’s a pretty fun concept and shows how enthusiasts can become obsessed with a particular niche or vibe other people largely ignore.

Like a kid in a candy shop, Tom looked through all the cars at The Hornets Nest. Some are nicely restored, and those were in the structures, while others are in different stages of disrepair, sitting in the grass. The good news is the guy is willing to sell the rough vehicles.

The rest of the episode is great, as always, so definitely watch the whole thing. You’ll learn more about classic models and their features, or maybe be reminded of things you knew but hadn’t thought about in a long time.

Watching Tom at work is always inspiring. It just goes to show if you’re personable, show a genuine interest in classic cars, and don’t give up easily, you’ll find these stashes of vehicles just about anywhere. Understandably, some people will act like they don’t want to sell because they want the cars to go to good homes instead of someone who’s just looking to patch them up sloppily and flip them.

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