Carve Up The Road Or Track On A 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R

Nov 27, 2019 2 min read
Carve Up The Road Or Track On A 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R

This is the bike for those who really love to ride.

There are motorcycles which are great for casually riding, and then there are models which cater to pure exhilaration. This 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is of the latter breed. As the name suggests, this is no mere road bike, but instead has been stripped down and hopped up for engaging dynamics on the road or track. Available through The Vault, this is a serious motorcycle for serious riders.

Carve Up The Road Or Track On A 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R

While anyone who knows sports bikes will immediately recognize this is a potent machine, the red and white color scheme, along with more subtle blue wheels make a loud statement everyone will tend to notice. It’s obvious this Aprilia has been well cared-for, because the paint and graphics absolutely sparkle. All the other components look to be essentially perfect, ensuring you get something which impresses at first glance.

Of course, the big reason to be interested in the Tuono 1000 R is the extreme performance it pushes. Already, the Tuono name has been associated with big race wins and this version gets you as close to the motorsports configurations as possible while still being legal to ride on the road.

It all starts with a chassis tuned to provide useful feedback and allow you, as the rider, to enjoy the ultimate in control. Hug every turn with glee, because this Aprilia will eat it all up and be ready for more. In addition, pretty much everything non-essential is stripped away, so you’re dealing with a lighter, highly manageable ride.

Every twist of the throttle brings plenty of exhilaration, thanks to a V-twin which pushes plenty of power and torque to the back wheel. Instead of being shrill and ragged when pushed, the engine has been designed for smooth power delivery throughout the rpm range, so it always seems to beg to be pushed further. A quick-shifting 6-speed gearbox helps you maximize that performance

To say this motorcycle set a new standard for big nakeds would be accurate. That reputation has been well-earned, making this a bike worthy of consideration for any discerning rider. To make an offer or get details on the purchase process, contact The Vault directly. This dealer offers a number of services, plus has an impressive array of vehicles for your consideration.

This vehicle is part of the Vault's Classic Car Christmas Auction; an online auction with over 100 collector cars and motorcycles. The lots are open for bidding and will close on December 5th. Click here to learn more about bidding.

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