Time Capsule 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado Is An Amazing Survivor

Jun 26, 2019 2 min read
Time Capsule 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado Is An Amazing Survivor

Unblemished and with low miles, this captures an automotive icon in its prime.

Not every classic car rips down the quarter mile with a fury. This 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado contains some unique designs plus a sophisticated aura not available with many other cars from its era. Adding this ride to your collection could be a wise move.

Time Capsule 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado Is An Amazing Survivor

A Champagne paint job adds a subtle yet sophisticated vibe to this classic Olds. Inspecting the body in the supplied photos, you won’t find any apparent major damage to the exterior. All the panels seem to be straight, free of rust, and the paint is in good repair. Chrome front and rear bumpers plus trim pieces are polished to a nice shine. The red vinyl top as a fiery splash of color and is quite presentable. Factory wheels also don’t show damage, while whitewall tires keep with the period-correct presentation. On the interior, a red cloth upholstery, carpets, dash, and door panels add a flair you only get a hint at with the roof on the exterior. Woodgrain dash inlays, the OE steering wheel, and original controls keep everything authentic to the core. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado that’s as well-preserved like this one.

According to the seller, Shelton Classics & Performance, this Oldsmobile Toronado starts and runs well. A 455 cubic inch V8 provides plenty of power, so you can hit the open road and enjoy smooth cruising and effortless passing.

Many of the systems on this car work properly, including the heater, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, wipers, lights, and horn. However the fuel gauge, air conditioning, radio, and emergency brake need some work to function again.

Oldsmobile made the Toronado from 1966 to 1992. When it first launched, it was the first front-wheel-drive American car since the Cord, which ended production in 1937. For the 1974 model year the Toronado continued to offer forward-thinking technological innovations, including an optional Air Cushion Restraint System, which was an early airbag. This particular car is one of the best-preserved of its kind, so finding another might prove to be next to impossible.

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