1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Country Squire Woody Wagon Promises To Put A Smile On Your Face

Jun 26, 2019 2 min read
1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Country Squire Woody Wagon Promises To Put A Smile On Your Face

How can you look at this wagon and not smile?

Many admire woodies because of the artful craftsmanship demonstrated through those amazing wood panels. This 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Country Squire woody wagon presents well and calls up images of surfers back in the day hitting the beach, or families going out for Sunday drives. This Ford is being offered for sale through Duffy’s Classic Cars.

One of the chief concerns with any woody is whether or not the wood panels are rotting or warped. These are in great condition, showing no signs of either problem. In fact, the wood presents even better than the Osage Green paint on the steel body panels, which has some imperfections but is still presentable. Both the glass and chrome look tremendous. There’s also a Fulton Visor over the windshield, which was typical for the era and so very appropriate. A West Coast surf board rack has been mounted. Restoration work was done a while ago, but the previous owner obviously cared closely for this wagon.

While the exterior is faithful to the original wagon, the interior is more customized as far as the green upholstery and carpeting, plus the overall design. Three rows of seating means you can take a lot of people on a fun cruise. A custom Auto Sound Stereo is a nice upgrade, as is the 12-volt system.

Powering this wagon is a Ford flathead V8 engine, so you get a vehicle that’s faithful to its roots. Painted 15-inch wheels are mostly covered by the iconic Ford V8 hubcaps, while white wall radials are wrapped around the wheels for that highly desired throwback appearance.

Too often, Ford Custom Deluxe Country Squire woody wagons have been chopped and cut up to make a street rod, so finding one that hasn’t gone through that butchering is actually quite the treat. For 1950 it was the most expensive passenger car Ford offered. This ultimate family hauler is difficult to find so well-preserved and mostly original like this one, so you have a nice investment opportunity at hand.

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