This Modern-Day Porsche Flat Nose Is A SEMA Winner

Apr 17, 2019 2 min read
SEMA Porsche 997 Flat Nose Ebay

This highly modified Porsche 911 997 is an homage to the iconic 935 racing cars.

A racing car has one purpose – to go fast. The uncorrupted objective of their designers often results in some intriguing interpretations of the rules, as seen on the Porsche 935.

A loophole in FIA Group 5 regulations allowed this 911 to ditch its traditionally protruding headlamps for a more aerodynamic ‘flat nose’. The unusual look was controversial, but today it remains admired as a creative solution and a key part of Porsche history. This modern 911 received the flat nose treatment for its debut at SEMA, and is now for sale on Ebay.

This Porsche started life as a regular 997 generation Carrera S, however, it was the subject of an extensive build that eventually won it an award at the SEMA show in 2016. Effectively a homage to the flat nose 935 cars, this 911 features a bespoke wide bodykit, some parts from the CUP racer, and a totally redesigned front end.

Slammed to the floor via air suspension and wearing a set of Rotoform LSR alloy wheels, this modern-day reincarnation of the 935 looks great.

SEMA Porsche 997 Flat Nose Ebay

As well as the cockpit featuring some 911 GT3 trinkets – such as the lightweight pull strap handles, non-OEM parts include carbon seats, CAE shifter, GMG roll cage, and suede upholstery – the build quality of the interior looks pretty impressive from the pictures, something that no doubt contributed to its victory at SEMA.

A 3.8-liter engine resides in the rear of the 997, a unit that was rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago. The advert doesn’t mention any modifications to this power unit, but it does highlight that the car possesses a trio of radiators from a GT3.

SEMA Porsche 997 Flat Nose Ebay

The original ‘flat nose’ Porsche 935 was the brainchild of designer Norbert Singer. This sleeker bodywork reduced drag and increased downforce, something achieved by exploiting an oversight in the FIA rules for the series. Porsche did offer this altered design on the road-going 930 as the Flachbau — a variant that’s highly collectable today.

This SEMA winner is a great interpretation of the classic design that has the advantage of being a more modern 911 underneath. Its current asking price is $105,000.

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Source: Ebay

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