This 653-HP Plymouth Road Runner Is Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Feb 26, 2019 2 min read
This 653-HP Plymouth Road Runner Is Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Beneath the sophisticated black exterior of this Road Runner beast a monstrous 528 Ci HEMI V8.

When you think of 1960s and ‘70s American muscle cars, images of brash and bold machines flash through your head. These cars made a statement with their aggressive styling and often vivid paintwork, however, this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner listed in our classifieds strikes a different tone with its subtly sinister specification.

Ditching the orange and green hues of its period, this Plymouth favors a deep black with grey hood stripes. A red pinstripe that runs the car’s length adds character, but the aesthetic as a whole forms a very serious visage. This understated masterpiece might appear civilized on the surface, but it hides a more boisterous secret under the hood.

During this car’s restoration process it was decided that the its beating heart should be something special. Ray Barton Racing installed a 528 Ci HEMI V8 engine in the nose, complete with Fast Fuel 2.0 injection and MSD ignition. This iconic orange block now produces a monstrous 653HP and 593 lb/ft of torque. Its pistol-gripped four-speed transmission and Dana 60 rear are said to be bulletproof, and more than happy to send all that power to the rear wheels.

While capable of some serious performance, this Road Runner retains its practicality thanks to being able to seat six, plus luggage in its respectable trunk. That’s right, this 653-horsepower muscle car is the automotive equivalent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Back in the 1960s, Plymouth reportedly paid $50,000 to Warner Bros to use the Road Runner name and likeness to represent its ‘back to basics’ performance car. The focus wasn’t on luxuries and fancy bodywork, but the substantial 6.3-liter V8 in its nose. For another $714 you could get a HEMI under the hood. Today these classics are easily tuned and highly collectable.

With just 29,190 miles on the clock, the Plymouth in question is said to have a straight chassis and be in excellent condition. The current asking price is $99,995 but you can make Streetside Classics an offer through our classifieds.

This Road Runner certainly knows the power of the understatement.

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