Ride This 1970 Ford Mustang Into The Sunset

Jun 17, 2019 2 min read
Ride This 1970 Ford Mustang Into The Sunset

This pony was in the trenches during the horsepower wars, and it looks fantastic.

From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, American muscle cars blossomed and duked it out for supremacy on roads and dragstrips alike. One of the most popular options, the Mustang, still enjoys a huge following both at home and around the world. Pretty much anyone, even a non-car person, will recognize this 1970 Ford Mustang, meaning it’s guaranteed to put smiles on faces and draw attention wherever you go.

Ride This 1970 Ford Mustang Into The Sunset

This ‘Stang is packing a 302ci V8 engine. According to Ford, in stock form it produces 220-horsepower. While the engine bay isn’t quite to show quality, the block is painted a cool blue while the Edelbrock air cleaner is an interesting shade of purple. A slick 3-speed automatic transmission means nobody is excluded from driving this pony.

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If you’re wondering why this pony car looks so good, it probably has something to do with the advertised 23,000 miles on it. While that’s not much for a 2017 car, it’s even more phenomenal for something from 1970. The fiery red paint job almost smolders in the light, adding plenty of personality to a ride everyone recognizes. For good measure, this car wears a hood scoop and chin spoiler

The black interior looks to be mostly stock, save the steering wheel. The upholstery and headliner are both in good repair.

Ford didn’t make any major changes to the Mustang for 1970, but it did give the car some minor tweaks. For example, the headlights were once more dual units versus the quad headlights used for the 1969 models. The quarter panel scoops were removed from the car, plus the rear taillights were sunk into their housings instead of protruding outward. High-back bucket front seats became standard for the lineup. Thanks to Autoform Performance, you have the opportunity to own this classic pony car.

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