A 1969 Ford Bronco Will Make You Feel Like Exploring

Jun 17, 2019 2 min read
A 1969 Ford Bronco Will Make You Feel Like Exploring

This SUV is tough enough to take on the wilderness, but also attractive enough for car shows.

Not every classic vehicle can pull off being both tough and beautiful, but this 1969 Ford Bronco certainly pulls off that balance. This is the kind of machine you want to take on a trail, getting far away from civilization and enjoying the serenity. It also will impress wherever you go in the city.

A 1969 Ford Bronco Will Make You Feel Like Exploring

Thanks to a thorough restoration, this truck is completely free of rust and looks amazing both outside and in. The classic yellow paint job is polished to an even shine, while the fender flares and removable roof are painted a complimentary yellow to help complete the throwback appearance. Factory badges, side mirrors, grille, rear spare tire carrier, and more keep this ride genuine. You also benefit from a brush bar up front. Fold down that rear tailgate and flip up the window, if you have the top on, to reveal the cargo area which is ample, especially with the rear seats folded.

A custom interior elevates this Bronco past its humble roots. The layout is quite functional, especially all those easy-to-read OE and aftermarket gauges and cool controls. A center console with dual cupholders lets you and your passenger enjoy easy refreshment while you’re exploring the great outdoors. Two-tone factory seats with what appears to be fresh upholstery, plus brown carpeting, have a rugged look and they feel great. If you drive around taller passengers, they’ll love all the legroom in the backseat, plus there’s plenty of headroom. When you’re rolling around with the top off, the yellow cage adds some nice reassurance.

This Bronco has the mechanicals to take you wherever you would like to go. A 351ci Windsor V8  pairs up with a 3-speed manual transmission for good control at your fingertips. You also get four-wheel drive with a Dana 20 transfer case. 31-inch tires help you roll over just about anything. Instead of having to muscle this beast, power steering and power brakes makes it manageable.

Manufactured from 1965 to 1996, the Ford Bronco enjoyed a long and successful run. Collectors are especially fond of the first generation, making this 1969 model a solid investment. Considering Ford is about to relaunch the SUV, interest in classic models will likely skyrocket soon. You have the chance to own this excellent off-road legend through Auto Investors.

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