Check Out A Rare Volvo Barn Find

Aug 28, 2019 1 min read

This 1995 Volvo 480 Turbo has some nice features.

Until recently, many people in North America would have associated Volvo only with boxy, ultra-safe cars. There are even Volvo clubs that have the word “brick” in them. However, this barn find Volvo 480 Turbo from the United Kingdom is a sexier, sleeker car. It also has pop-up headlights and quite frankly a lot of lights, making for an interesting design.'

This Volvo actually looks pretty good for having sat in a garage under a tarp for years and years. The dark green paint doesn’t appear to be fading or damaged anywhere. All the panels are straight and there’s no rust on the lower side panels, where salt would have splashed up and sat. Even the factory mud flaps are attached to the car.

Some interesting options are included on this car. The owner added side indicators, an aftermarket solution intended to make the Volvo look a little sportier. Factory options include a sunroof,  5-speed manual transmission, seat heaters, and power locks/windows, to name a few.

These types of garage-find vehicles could be sitting in your hometown, or somewhere not too far away. People stash vehicles away for years on end for a variety of reasons. They might be uncovered when a property is sold or someone dies. You have to stay vigilant and keep using multiple methods to catch these vehicles before they sell. Because they’re often viewed as old junk, getting a solid deal is entirely possible, literally paying dividends for your efforts.

Volvos of old were actually quite sporty-looking, like the Volvo P1800. Too often, the memory of such cars fades from the collective conscience. This is where classic car collecting really comes into play. As owners take their vehicles out in public for meetups, organized cruises, or other outings, the general public can become better informed about cars from way back when.

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