Oldest Surviving BMW Racing Car Rediscovered And Restored

Mar 8, 2019 2 min read
Oldest Surviving BMW Racing Car Rediscovered And Restored

The 1934 BMW KR6 built for racer Eugen Stösser was believed to be lost. The car has now been found and restored.

This year's Retro Classics event is full of interesting cars with fascinating stories. We’ve already reported on Porsche's 917 No.1 and its debut, but another car drawing a crowd is this restored 1934 BMW KR6. It is believed to be the only supercharged KR6 ever made.

The BMW KR6 was built as a one-off racing car for driver Eugen Stösser in 1934. It competed at the Nürburgring and various German hillclimb events, but while not as quick as rival Mercedes-Benz or Auto Union cars, it did win the Bavarian Ratisbona mountain race.

1934 BMW KR6

This BMW was powered by a six-cylinder engine with a Type 160 Zoller supercharger. Arguably ahead of its time, the KR6’s power unit was mounted behind the front axle, making it a true front-mid-engined car.

We now know that the model was converted into a road-legal GT car by a Mr Stiller who worked at BMW. Headlights, interior, roof, and luggage rack are all fitted to the ex-racing car. Its history becomes somewhat hazy upon being shipped to America, with much of its origins apparently lost to the sands of time. Over the years, various parts – including a new engine – were added to the car; something that disguised the true identity of this BMW.

It wasn’t until its current owner began restoring the car that its history was uncovered. This 1934 machine is actually the oldest surviving BMW racing car in the world, and the only example of its type ever built.

Now returned to its original racing specification, the restoration has attempted to keep the car as original as possible. The BMW’s Zoller supercharger was removed at one point in its life, but was rediscovered in a collection of classic car parts. Fully functional, this historic BMW will make appearances at classic car events throughout the year.

If you are attending Retro Classics 2019, it is well worth checking the red racer out in hall 4.

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