Porsche 914 50th Anniversary Celebrated At Museum

May 24, 2019 1 min read
Porsche 914 50th Anniversary Celebrated At Museum

The Porsche Museum in Germany opens a special exhibit dedicated to 50 years of the 914.

When June 2nd rolls around, the Porsche Museum in Germany will display more than 120 Porsche 914s from private owners.

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“In the mid-1960s, Porsche was striving to expand its position in the market with a sports car in the promising segment beneath the 911,” the museum said in an announcement about its exhibit. “However, such a project would not have been viable for the small company on its own.

“The Zuffenhausen-based car manufacturer found a partner in Volkswagen, since at the time VW was looking for a successor to its then rather outdated Type 34 sports coupé, better known as the Karmann Ghia. Ferry Porsche and VW director Heinrich Nordhoff shook hands on a joint project in the mid-1960s.”

Admission is free on June 2nd to the “Typically Porsche Day”. A panel of experts, including “former development and race engineer Roland Kussmaul, former chassis developer and race driver Hans Clausecker, as well as engineer and race driver Günter Steckkönig together with author Jürgen Lewandowski will look back at the genesis and legendary moments of the Porsche 914.

Anthony Hatter, Head of Design Quality Style Porsche, together with former Porsche development engineer Jürgen Kapfer and product developer for race cars Hermann-Josef Steinmetz, will explore the question of the roots and above all the future of the mid-engined concept at Porsche and investigate why the mid-engined configuration, design, technology and lifestyle are typically Porsche today.”

Twelve different spectator exhibits will be featured in the special show of the 914. There will be ultra-rare 914s, as well as prototypes and prototype parts for people to see in person for the first time.

Source: Porsche

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