A Pontiac Ventura That Can Help You Live Your Dreams

Mar 1, 2019 1 min read
A Pontiac Ventura That Can Help You Live Your Dreams

A 1972 Ventura with the much sought after Skyroof option is hitting the auction block at GAA with a fully rebuilt 400ci block

Most notably featuring in the 1976 action film Moving Violation, this Pontiac Ventura is certainly a lesser known American classic. Based on the Chevrolet Nova of the X-Body platform, the Ventura was meant to take some market share back to US soil from the likes of Europe with their comparatively compact sedans.

During the 1973 oil crisis, GM realised that more economical vehicles were needed, and that by comparison European models with engines half the size were looking far more appealing. The Ventura’s advertising campaigns of the era reflected this by showing off the six-cylinder model as opposed to the more powerful V8.

The vehicle we have here, however, is slightly less tame. Fitted with a fully rebuilt 400ci V8 mated to an automatic transmission, the power on offer outstrips the factory’s efforts quite easily. Add into the mix some particularly rare options and some GTO embellishments and you have a very attractive proposition.

A classic shaker hood sets off the aggressive stance from the front, with the additional bulge protruding next door which is where the hood-mounted tachometer is fitted. Look further and you’ll find an exceptional interior awaiting, fitted in 2013 and still looking immaculate. Another notable feature is the factory-fitted air conditioning, which makes classic ownership far more pleasurable in modern times. The Skyroof is even more alluring, as a full length sliding fabric roof which is considered a particularly rare and sought after option.

To complete the icing on the proverbial cake, an original build sheet is included, along with confirmation of the 85K original miles the vehicle carries. During its refurbishment in 2013 it was subject to a repaint in the Orbit Orange you see here.

Source: Greensboro Auto Auction

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