eBay Find: Would You Buy A Pink Porsche 911 For $105K?

Oct 29, 2019 2 min read
eBay Find: Would You Buy A Pink Porsche 911 For $105K?

The listing says this could be the only 964 911 with a factory Karminrot paint job.

While we see some crazy vehicle wraps and wild custom paint jobs these days, it sounds like the Pink Panther-colored Porsche 911 you see here is actually a factory color. From these pictures, Karminrot appears to be a legit bright pink hue instead of a pink derivative here like Rubine Red or Magenta. Even if this truly is a one-of-one factory creation, would you spend $104,900 on eBay (or head over to the RMC Miami's site where the car is listed for $97,900) to add this car to your collection?

Would You Buy A Pink Porsche 911 For $105K?

Lending credence to the factory-applied color, there is a factory tag with the paint code on it, and this 911 also has excellent paint quality inside the door, under the front hood and in the engine compartment. The pictures of the wheel well appear to show some overspray, but upon closer investigation, it looks like these are areas where the factory undercoating is falling off. If this car was a repaint, whoever did it did a great job. And this Karminrot hue looks amazing against the Oyster (off-white) interior.

If you can get past the bright paint, this actually seems to be a high-quality, well-preserved 911. This is an import model showing 87,000 kilometers (around 55,000 miles) on the odometer, and it is in pretty original condition with the exception of a some relatively minor modifications. This 911 has a lowered, Euro-spec ride height thanks to Bilstein coilovers and adjustable camber plates, but it still wears the factory Porsche Cup style five-spoke wheels. In terms of performance, this car has also received an upgraded RS clutch and lightweight flywheel, which should make this five-speed manual even more enjoyable to shift.

Would You Buy A Pink Porsche 911 For $105K?

If a pink Porsche is up your alley, this one comes with a hefty price premium, but if this is indeed a true one-of-a-kind factory paint color, then it could be worth that much.

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