Own This Numbers-Matching 1970 Plymouth Superbird

Aug 19, 2019 2 min read
Own This Numbers-Matching 1970 Plymouth Superbird

Only produced for the 1970 model year, the aerodynamic Superbird was created for NASCAR

Fast Lane Classic Cars, Inc. is excited to offer the perfect opportunity to own a super clean 1970 Plymouth Superbird. With its huge wing to maximize optimum downforce, the aerodynamic Superbird was designed specifically to compete in the circle track world of NASCAR racing. But due to certain laws banning aerodynamic cars, 1970 was the only year the Plymouth Superbird was produced.

A Road Runner on steroids, the Superbird was given a Super Commando 440cui V8 six-pack engine and mated it to a four-speed manual transmission. With this setup, it was capable of a healthy 390 horsepower. Power steering allows to maneuver the car like a breeze, and power disc allow the car to stop on a dime.

On this Superbird, the exterior is slathered in Tor-Red (Hemi Orange), and it features black vinyl on the roof and across the headlights. Hood pins keep the hood secured to the car at speed, and 15-inch Rallye wheels complete the exterior and are wrapped with Goodyear Poly Glas tires. A Dana 60 rear houses a 3.54 sure grip rear end.

Inside, black vinyl bucket seats make up the front, and a large vinyl bench seat sits out back. In addition, it has an original AM/FM radio, Hurst pistol grip shifter, day/night rear view mirror, 150mph speedometer, and a tach reading a little over 58,000 miles. Let's not forget the cartoon Roadrunner "beep beep" car horn.

The car was visually inspected and decoded by Galen Govier. Extensive written documentation along with the two original broadcast sheets, and photos of the entire restoration are included in the sale.

Less than 2,000 of these Superbirds were produced for the 1970 model year. In fact, the exact number produced is 1,920 units. But like most rare vintage cars, that numbers becomes fewer and fewer. Whether some were left to rot in a field to succumb to the elements or maybe others were crashed beyond repair, time is not always kind even when it comes to rare cars. You can make an offer here.


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