Stop The Show With A 1947 Mercury Woody Wagon

Aug 19, 2019 2 min read
Stop The Show With A 1947 Mercury Woody Wagon

A restored woody will literally make people stare in awe.

For your consideration is this breathtaking 1947 Mercury Eight Woody Wagon. Also called the Series 79M, it was a carryover design from right before WWII since the second generation launched with the 1941 model year. Thanks to a thorough restoration, this wagon looks all-around amazing, plus it’s a genuine crowd-pleaser.

Stop The Show With A 1947 Mercury Woody Wagon

Everyone’s eyes are immediately drawn to the woodwork. You just don’t get that kind of craftsmanship on cars today, and many of the woodies from back in the day didn’t survive, so seeing one is a genuine treat. Unlike with some woodies, this one features straight woodwork with no signs of splitting, dry rot, or other damage. Instead, you get a smooth finish which allows the wood grain to show through in natural beauty.

A fresh coat of Matador Red adds striking contrast for the metal panels. You’ll also note the perfect black vinyl roof, immaculate brightwork on the grille, bumpers, etc. whitewall tires, and period-correct dog dish hubcaps.

One of the big attractions of this Mercury Eight Woody Wagon is the four doors and big tailgate in the rear. It’s spacious enough nobody needs to squish inside, plus you can take gear for outdoor adventures, a picnic, or whatever else without problems. You’ll notice from the exterior that the wood panels aren’t just veneers but are actually structural, because the interior door panels and roof are that same wood, adding a richness to the space.

Plenty of original equipment is included, like window cranks, the steering wheel with Mercury medallion in the center, electric clock, cigarette lighter, gauges, radio with speaker mounted over it, and large speedometer. The oversized glove compartment is great for stashing whatever you want out of sight, plus it locks.

Also included is a 239ci Flathead V8 mated to a 3-speed manual transmission. Any woody in good condition is highly sought-after and is quite the spectacle. One that’s been fully restored like this is something that will continue increasing in value, plus it’s a blast to take literally anywhere. If you’re interested in buying this Mercury, contact The Vault.

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