Haul Everything With This NASCAR-Spec UPS Truck

Dec 2, 2019 2 min read
Haul Everything With This NASCAR-Spec UPS Truck

This is what happens when you give a UPS truck a NASCAR makeover.

If you watched NASCAR races in the early 2000s, then you almost certainly remember seeing Dale Jarrett in the commercials for his sponsor, UPS. Those commercials had people asking the hall of fame driver to race the "big brown truck," and eventually the gag became a reality when a real UPS truck had been modified for racing duty. This cool piece of NASCAR history will be part of an online-only auction that runs from December 4th until December 11th through Iron Horse Auction Company, and the starting bid for this truck is just $1.

NASCAR-Spec UPS Truck Up For Grabs

Starting life as one of UPS' trucks – officially called a 1990 P-800 Package Car – this truck was given the full NASCAR treatment for the commercials courtesy of Picture Vehicles Unlimited. This started with a NASCAR-spec Toyota Racing Development engine under the hood, which is good for around 850 horsepower easily backing up the claim as the world's fastest UPS truck.

Not that it would ever be raced, but if it had to, this truck is also equipped with a full roll cage, racing gauges and a fire suppression system. For added visual effect, there's a cutaway window to allow for a view of the monster engine from the driver's seat!

Judging by the amount of dust covering the engine and the faded Lexan windshield, this truck has probably been sitting since Jarrett's retirement in 2008, so there's no telling what kind of running condition this UPS truck is in. But that isn't going to stop anyone from bidding! We'll find out on December 11th how much someone is willing to pay for a NASCAR UPS truck.

NASCAR-Spec UPS Truck Up For Grabs

Be sure to check out the Iron Horse Auction Company listing for more information on this race-prepped delivery truck, and check out the video playlist below to see some of the original advertisements dating back to 2001 as well as footage of Jarrett driving the UPS truck at the 2008 NASCAR All-Star Race.

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