Man Reveals Big American Muscle Car Barn Find

Oct 15, 2019 2 min read
Man Reveals Big American Muscle Car Barn Find

These classic cars are definitely not in showroom condition.

Patrick Glenn Nichols spends a good portion of his time hunting down American muscle car barn finds. It’s the kind of work that mostly leads to dead ends or anticlimactic reveals. But once in a while there’s pay dirt, and that’s the work the public usually sees. This latest video posted on Nichols’ YouTube channel is quite simply amazing, because he finds numerous rare muscle cars hidden among decaying tractor trailers in rural Kentucky. Take a look at the video below.

At first glance from behind the fence, the property looks like a place where semi-trucks go to die. There’s a cool old Mack firetruck, but zero signs of wildly popular muscle cars. It’s the perfect hiding spot for such a stash.

While the first trailer was empty, it didn’t take long for Nichols to stumble across some weathered cars sitting between trailers. Then he found more, and more, and more. Many of them are rare GMs, like Chevy Chevelles and a Camaro, plus a Pontiac Firebird with rare options. Nichols knows his stuff as he rattles off different features.

It’s possible Nichols looked through everything with the camera shut off, then went back and did the video like it was his first time viewing the cars. There’s nothing wrong with that since everyone is a critic, waiting to pounce on even honest mistakes.

Some the cars have interesting combinations of features, revealing a challenge you can come across when finding cars out in the wild. People do interesting things to their rides, like adding SS parts to a non-Super Sport model. That’s where running the VIN and using other “tricks” is essential, because you don’t want to overpay for something you think is super rare but is actually fairly common.

The other skill set Nichols talks about is being personable. People won’t talk if you’re aloof or come off as conceited, so a barn find hunter needs to be affable and down-to-earth so people you talk to spill the beans on some good stashes like this one.

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