Mk4 Supra Twin Turbo With Ultra Low Mileage Up For Sale

May 20, 2019 2 min read
1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Low Miles

This 1994 2JZ-GTE Supra has lived a life of luxury with a climate controlled garage and wheels off storage.

The Supra has continued to astonish people around the world even after the death of the A80 in 2002.

Values have continued to soar over the past few years, with the most expensive sale sitting at a cool $173,600. You may assume this is some poor quality joke, but no, if you want a Mk4 Supra in pristine condition, like this one offered by Atlantis Motor Group, deep pockets are a prerequisite.

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Supras were never actually that well regarded in their era, the first few generations were okay, but they hardly blew you away. Despite their attractive proportions it was never enough, despite Lotus even collaborating with the Japanese car maker in conjunction with the Excel.

By the late 80s, however, things were starting to simmer. The 1JZ landed and what an engine it was, developing 230 horsepower through its straight six, which had become the engine style of choice for the Japanese Domestic Market.

1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Low Mileage

Although we all miss pop up headlights, the final incarnation of the Supra was the car it always should have been. The 2JZ-GTE engine was born and is widely regarded as one of the worlds most over engineered motors of all time.

With unstoppable reliability and power, its reputation was cemented to such an extent that Toyota has even made it possible to swap a 2JZ into the new 2019 model. Yeah, a nineties engine in a brand new car, supported by the manufacturer themselves.

The model here won’t be undergoing any modifications to unleash the 2JZ fury any time soon. Having just one owner from new for the last 25 years, this 10,000 mile example offered by Atlantis Motor Group is one of the best available.

Such is the condition of the car, it has allegedly spent most of its life supported under the chassis without its wheels. Now that is some dedication. That is before noting it has lived in a climate controlled garage.

Naturally for a car of this provenance, everything is as it left the factory. Original tool kit, dealer sticker, invoice with options specified, manuals - you get it all.

For more information on this Supra, visit Atlantis Motor Group.

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