London Concours Spectacular Featured Collection

May 7, 2019 2 min read
London Concours Spectacular Featured Collection

The Collector feature shines light on a diverse, individual collection.

There’s nothing cooler than seeing a broad collection of cars without one private owner’s possession. Such is the case here, from the 1932 Ford Roadster to the 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint, London Concours’ The Collector is a diverse display of automobile history. London-based, Julian Balme, brings this Americana to the euro stage from June 5-6th.

Within the collection is a 1932 Ford Model B Roadster that’s been converted fro the hot rod market in the 1960s by a father-son team in California. This particular example is the one of a few cars in the UK cars that was built in a US factory.

London Concours Spectacular Featured Collection

Another, more in-your-face, example is a Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon ‘Gasser’ that begins life as a grocery-getter, before getting an extreme makeover in 1969 for competition drag racing. The modifications equated to a 540-horsepower, 7.0-liter V8 powered car that can cover the 1/4-mile in 13-seconds flat.

The rarest of the collection is a Lincoln Continental Cabriolet, one of only 350 built in 1940. This is the only example that is believed to exist in the UK.

Andrew Evans, London Concours Director, said, “We always want our The Collector feature to be quite a personal selection. Every car collector is passionate about something, and I hope it’s clear for anyone to see that Julian’s very fond of the lazy V8s and hot rod culture that took hold of America for decades, and to a certain extent still does. What we want to show here is that car collections are just as much about the cars that mean the most to you as the ones that cost the most; that’s why sprinkled in amongst the line-up are some lovely personal stories, including not only Julian’s first ever car, a Lotus Elan, but also the most recent car added to his collection, a TriumphTR4.”

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