London Classic Car Show Welcomes Jaguar E-Type Restorations

Feb 14, 2019 2 min read
London Classic Car Show Welcomes Jaguar E-Type Restorations

A pair of early Jaguar E-Types, representing a car's journey through restoration, will attend the London Classic Car Show

At today’s London Classic Car Show, Footman James are presenting a pair of iconic classics to highlight the restoration works of Classic Motor Cars. A double act of prestigious Jaguar E-Types will illustrate the vast amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into turning a barn find into a prized collector car.

The first of these two majestic cats is actually the very first black Jaguar E-Type to leave the factory. Chassis 84 is a 1961 Flat Floor 3.8-liter FHC model, and it received a complete nut and bolt restoration back in 2011. Thanks to the continued maintenance work by Classic Motor Cars, it still looks factory fresh. This beautiful coupé is actually for sale with a price tag just shy of $250,000.

At the other end of the spectrum is the E-Type Coupe in desperate need of some love and affection. This 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 is a genuine barn find that was discovered and purchased in 2017. A previous owner parked the car in 1970 where it rusted in peace for over 47 years, neglected and forgotten about.

Nigel Woodward, Managing Director at Classic Motor Cars said, "Classic Motor Cars has found two amazing cars for this year’s Footman James stand at the London Classic Car Show. We always try and find something interesting to bring to these events and this year we decided on before-and-after as the theme. We think these two cars both tell a wonderful story and demonstrate the tremendous skills and talents of our team here."

Classic Motor Cars was established back in 1993 and has been restoring classic cars and supplying parts for the past 26 years. This company was also responsible for creating Jaguar Designer Ian Callum’s restomod Jaguar MKII in 2014. The car featured several styling changes penned by Callum himself, as well as a modified 4.3-liter XK V8 engine under the hood.

If you’re at the London Classic Car Show, check out these fascinating E-Types.

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