1968 Dodge Charger Is A Rare Find With A Great Story

Feb 14, 2019 2 min read
1968 Dodge Charger Is A Rare Find With A Great Story

After sitting for decades, this Dodge muscle car needs someone to put in some wheel time!

Currently for sale on eBay, this striking brushed metal wrapped 1968 Dodge Charger is one of the most iconic body styles ever designed. It’s in amazing condition, and has a great story behind it, making it an ever better find.

The Charger was taken off the road in 1984 when its owner was no longer able to drive - it still sports the inspection and registration stickers from that year. It was put away in storage until the grandson of the owner started to show interest in muscle cars, and wanted to know more about it. Since it had been sitting for two decades, cranking it up wasn’t as simple and turning the key in the ignition. The grandpa and grandson duo tried to work on it, but due to inexperience and the grandfather’s advanced age, they had no such luck getting the car to crank.

1968 Dodge Charger Is A Rare Find With A Great Story

Several years after this, the owner passed away and left the Charger to his grandson, and by this time, the grandson had some money to spend on the car. So off to the shop it went to get a new fuel tank, fuel lines, and a rebuild for the carburetor - and after 30 years, the Charger cranked up.

After getting it running, and driving it around the block on the original tires, it received a mechanical rebuild for the numbers matching big block 383 driveline with 727 three-speed automatic transmission. The appearance is thanks to a 3M textured vinyl wrap with brushed steel look - the engine bay and door jambs are painted satin black instead of wrapped. The classic Charger rolls on 17-inch American Racing Magnum 500 replica wheels and wide performance tires.

While we’re curious to see what the body looks like under the wrap, it has to be in really condition for the wrap to look this perfect. The ad offers that car is “in amazing condition considering its age,” and it’s easy to agree, based on the pictures provided.

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