Is This The Ultimate Restomod De Tomaso Pantera?

Mar 11, 2019 2 min read
MyClassicCarTV De Tomaso Pantera

This De Tomaso Pantera has been custom built by its owner to overcome shortfalls in the original design

The De Tomaso Pantera is a fascinating supercar that combines beautiful Italian design work, a little bit of Argentinian ancestry, and American V8 power. It was produced for a scarcely believable 29 years in various forms, making the Pantera one of the longest serving production cars in the world. The YouTube channel MyClassicCarTV checks out this modified De Tomaso.

Even before its current owner got hold of this sports car, the standard Pantera had gone through a Hall GT5 conversion which added it the more aggressive bodywork of later cars and a new interior. The swollen wheel arches certainly give it a muscular appearance.


Gary Walker found the car, but it needed some serious work to be brought back to its former glory. In the process he has actually reengineered some elements so that the car’s performance is better than new.

At high speeds, air pressure tended to build under the nose of the Pantera, so Gary redesigned the radiator and ducted air through the nose of the car as well as modified the front splitter. On the move the car’s air suspension can be adjusted to clear obstructions, or have the car skimming the Tarmac. He also used a 3D printer to create some retro door mirrors, additional vents, and some new aviation inspired switchgear for the interior. Another neat modification is a removable rear window in the cockpit that allows a roll bar to be easily installed.

Originally De Tomaso Panteras left the factory with a Ford 351 Cleveland V8 engine, but this car now has a Ford 400 that has been stroked to 434 cubic-inch. Gary also fitted some additional bracing in the engine bay to strengthen the chassis and created his own adjustable exhaust system. It’s mighty impressive how he has fabricated much of these creations by himself.

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When the presenter and his tremendous mustache take the Pantera for a drive, it sounds thunderous as it roars down the road. It sounds so good that YouTube’s subtitling software actually labels the engine note at ‘music’.

It took Gary nine years to build this car, but we’d say that the toil appears to be worth it.

Source: YouTube

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