Make Elon Musk Double Take With This Lotus Submarine Replica

Mar 11, 2019 2 min read
Make Elon Musk Double Take With This Lotus Submarine Replica

Tesla's CEO might own the real thing, but this replica of James Bond's Lotus Esprit submarine is mighty impressive

The world’s most famed secret agent has had access to quite a few noteworthy company cars, most of which have been Aston Martins. However, when it was Roger Moore’s turn to play James Bond, his incarnation of 007 shunned Aston in favor of fellow British marque, Lotus. The four-wheeled star of The Spy Who Loved Me made quite the splash, and now’s your chance to own this convincing replica.

Currently listed in our classified is a 1976 Lotus Esprit with a difference. This model displays the Bond car’s famed ability to transform into a submarine. Mounted on a plinth, one side of the submersible is in the process of stowing its wheels and deploying dive planes for maneuvering beneath the surface, the other is in completed submarine mode. The ‘Wet Nelly’ Lotus replica also features details such as underwater cannons and a periscope.

The real Lotus Esprit submersible from the movie was built by a company called Perry Oceanographic Inc. Thanks to the magic of cinema, viewers didn’t clock that there were two divers in scuba equipment operating the vehicle that wasn’t watertight.

The submarine went missing over the years, only to be unexpectedly discovered by a gentleman who bought the mystery contents of an unclaimed storage unit for $100. It was eventually sold at an RM London auction in 2013 as the sole surviving submarine Lotus for £616,000, or $805,229. Who bought it? None other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

This display replica is being sold by the Orlando Auto Museum which states that, "over $400,000 has been invested into this replica." If you fancy having a piece of iconic 007 memorabilia in your living room, make them an offer.

However, if you’re after a more roadworthy Lotus Esprit S1, Orlando Auto Museum also has this 19,415 mile example for sale.

Why not buy both, leaving your friends both shaken and stirred.

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