Historic Ferrari-Powered Racing Boat Is For Sale

Aug 16, 2019 1 min read
Historic Ferrari-Powered Racing Boat Is For Sale

This 1953 Hydroplane racing boat still holds speed records

Those familiar with the sport of boat racing most likely have heard of the Ferrari-powered Arno XI. After 66 years, this 1953 hydroplane racing boat still holds speed records that have been unmatched.

Achille Castoldi was the mastermind behind this historic watercraft, and he has been chasing speed records since 1940. In 1952, he sought out Cantieri Timossi to build a racing vessel capable of nabbing the speed record title for an 800-km (1,764-pound) boat. Built out of Mahogany with Rossa Corsa paint, the plan was to power the watercraft with a 4.5-liter “Lampredi” Ferrari V-12 engine. When Enzo Ferrari caught wind of the build, he had different plans for the boat.

Ferrari sent Castoldi the same V12 motor that sent Scuderia Ferrari over the finish line to win the first-ever championship Grand Prix. Stefano Meazza, Ferrari’s chief engineer, accompanied the engine to Castoldi. Once there, they knew that the engine would have to be tapped for more power. Soon, the Ferrari V12 was equipped with dual superchargers along with two four-barrel Weber carburetors. It's not clear as to how much power the boat makes, but varying accounts have estimated between 500 to 600 horsepower.

In October 1953, Castildo set sail on Lake Iseo to claim the 800-kilogram speed record. His hard work and persistence paid off, and he navigated the boat at an average speed of 150.49 miles per hour over the length of a kilometer claiming the speed record for the Arno XI. To this day, that speed record has been left untouched.

This same boat sold back in 2012 for $967,000, it is now listed for sale again with its price unlisted. For sale through the DuPont Registry, you can request a price through the website if interested in the historic Arno XI.

h/t: The Drive


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