1939 Buick 8 Is The Epitome Of Class

Aug 16, 2019 2 min read
1939 Buick 8 Is The Epitome Of Class

A car full of simplistic luxury.

Silverstone Motorcars is excited to bring you this classy 1939 Buick 8 Coupe. Back in the late 1930s, Buicks were insanely popular. Gazing upon this fine example, it’s not hard to see why with its perfect paint and sleek body lines. Located in Canada, this car can be shipped to the United States.

1939 Buick 8 Is The Epitome Of Class

This Buick is a two-owner car, but the second owner has stored and maintained the car for 50 years. In fact, this beautiful Buick was sent into hibernation every winter. Approximately 10 years ago, the car went under the knife for a full no-stone-left-unturned restoration, and the engine and transmission were both rebuilt at the same time. Since its completion, a mere 100 miles have been clocked.

The numbers-matching original 248 cui inline-eight engine performs flawlessly after the rebuild, and it is mated to the original three-on-a-tree manual transmission. Peeking underneath the car, the undercarriage looks to be in perfect shape with no signs of cancerous rust can be found. The deep Gray Metallic paint is still in excellent condition, and that also rings true for the brown and cream-colored vinyl interior complete with woodgrain accents. The whole  exterior aesthetic wouldn't be complete without the fancy whitewall tires on all four corners.

1939 Buick 8 Is The Epitome Of Class

Exuding luxury, this old-school Buick is sure to grab attention anywhere it goes. With a spacious trunk and interior, no need to skimp on the grocery bill. Whether taking it to the weekend car show or going on a leisurely cruise through town, this Buick is guaranteed to break some necks along the way. Even non-car enthusiasts can appreciate a piece of art when they see one. With all of these modern cars bursting at the seams with technology, this old Buick is full of old-school simplistic appeal. Feel free to make an offer here.


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