Smoke Camaros With A 1968 Ford Mustang Restomod

Aug 13, 2019 2 min read
Smoke Camaros With A 1968 Ford Mustang Restomod

This convertible pony leverages modern tech for explosive performance.

While most people would expect this 1968 Ford Mustang Convertible being offered through Vanguard Motor Sales to be somewhat fast, this pony car is packing a nice secret. As a true restomod, it uses a more modern Ford 5.0-liter V8. While not the legendary Coyote, this F1SE engine has plenty of power and works with a Ford AOD 4-speed automatic for smooth acceleration.

Camaros won’t know what hit them, because they’ll think this is just a regular ’68 Mustang. Laying all that power to the ground is a Ford 9-inch rear with posi, plus BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires. While this pony will cruise just fine, you can also lay down some serious rubber. Power steering and 4-wheel power disc brakes keep everything in check, too.

Of course, once someone hears the dual exhaust on this beast they’ll know something’s up. Jet-coated headers combine with Flowmaster mufflers for a throaty, deep tone which pairs perfectly with an old American muscle car.

An almost perfectly flawless body is accentuated by glossy Metallic Maroon paint and shiny brightwork literally from bumper to bumper. There’s a striking powered white convertible top, matching the white and maroon interior, which look absolutely fantastic next to the paint.

Thanks to a top-notch restoration, this Mustang presents great. Two-tone seats and door panels really add that extra touch of something special without the appearance of trying too hard. A wood-wrapped steering wheel adds to the customized and upgraded feel of the interior, as do the aftermarket speakers, chrome trim pieces, and CD player. Floormats with the pony and bars emblem on them are a subtle tribute to this iconic car.

Nobody can genuinely deny the iconic nature of the Ford Mustang. With a design which is mostly identical to the 1967 model year, this is the look of the pony car everyone loves and wants. Finding one that combines those legendary aesthetics with modern performance can be a match made in heaven, if you’re ok with altering a classic.

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