Ferrari SP30 is the First Ever Special Projects Cars on Public Sale

Jan 11, 2019 2 min read
Ferrari SP30 is the First Ever Special Projects Cars on Public Sale.1200.featured.kWNakZHe

ever before has one of Ferrari's unique, invite-only 'Special Projects' cars been on the open market – until now

Only the most prestigious of clients get the chance to own a Special Projects division-built Ferrari. For those unenthused by a standard production Ferrari, Special Projects vehicles are one-offs for those with bottomless pockets and an invite to the VIP One-Off programme.

This uniqueness also makes every single example highly sought after and expensive, which means collectors will be scrambling over each other at Rétromobile this February, when this 2011 Ferrari SP30 hits the RM Sotheby's auction block.

For those blessed with enough money, Maranello is a dream factory. Special Projects cars are based on an existing production model, but with license to demand any modifications these lucky few clients are able to envisage and demand of Ferrari's designers.

Ferrari SP30 is the First Ever Special Projects Cars on Public Sale

Recent custom vehicles include the SP38, a 488 GTB-based creation with heavy hints of 308 GTB and F40 in its restyled exterior. It's not just the rich but also the famous that indulge in truly unique Ferraris, with Eric Clapton also commissioning the SP12 EC.

Somewhere in-between this pair in terms of production timeline is the SP30, built upon a 599 GTB chassis and powertrain but with plenty of hotter 599 XX-inspired aero bits lashed onto the bodywork.

Beyond the mix-and-match 599 parts, there's a further mish-mash of Ferraris rolled into one, with the SP30 featuring headlights borrowed from a 458 Italia. There's also a hint of F12tdf in the bonnet design. One specific bit of the SP30 is entirely bespoke, though, with a unique rim design created especially for this car.

There's also special bits of trim everywhere to remind you this is no run-of-the-mill Ferrari, most notably with a giant #30 splashed everywhere. It's even stitched into the the seats.

Its owner hasn't used it much since delivery almost eight years ago, though, with only 110 kilometres on the clock. Its sale is significant for one special reason – it's the first time that any member of public with enough money to stump up can own one of Ferrari's made-to-order vehicles.

Sounds great, until you realise the likely eye-watering sums involved. RM Sotheby's lists the car as 'Price available on request' for good reason – there's little precedent to indicate what it might sell for.

In the simplest terms possible, it's a 599 GTB in a party dress – but a party dress that no-one else in the world owns one of, and was used for the equivalent of a single night's fun. We think it should crack the $1 million barrier fairly easily – the only question is by how much? We'll find out come February 6, when it crosses the auction block in Paris.

Photos: Sami Sasso/RM Sotheby's

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