Drive Smooth And Stylish In This 1949 Chrysler Town And Country

Apr 22, 2019 2 min read
Drive Smooth And Stylish In This 1949 Chrysler Town And Country

It's all style and luxury with this classic Chrysler.

A surefire way to put smiles on the faces of onlookers while driving in true style is this 1949 Chrysler Town and Country from Vintage Planet. This car has beautiful wood paneling on the doors, rear quarter panels, and trunk. The design and engineering of this Chrysler represent the opulence and optimism of American cars after World War II perfectly, showcasing fine craftsmanship and an unbelievably smooth ride you’ll crave regularly.

As you’ll notice, the exterior appearance of this Town and Country is impressive, although it’s not absolutely perfect. Still, the body rises to a level that will turn more than a few heads, even when parked next to other classic beauties, almost guaranteeing to draw a crowd wherever you go. This car went through a comprehensive restoration process inside and out, so you get a set of wheels that feels extra special.

Drive Smooth And Stylish In This 1949 Chrysler Town And Country

All the woodwork matches the original specs and is in good condition structurally as well as cosmetically, so it’s just like back in the car’s heyday. While there are some blemishes on the brightwork and gorgeous green paint, the car shines up nicely.

Slip inside the interior and feel the history radiating off everything. Each detail has been restored to the original factory specifications, with each component and surface in great condition. This is a wonderful way for you and your passengers to experience the thrill of a classic convertible at highway speeds.

This particular car was owned for 25 years by an experienced collector, who ensured it received loving care and comprehensive maintenance. In fact, this Chrysler Town and Country is an AACA Award winner, so you could capture some nice accolades with this classic set of wheels. It has gone through a multi-point inspection and a roadworthiness test, ensuring it will serve you well.

Source: Vintage Planet

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