Will You Rescue 55 Volkswagen Westfalias From Their Graveyard?

Feb 19, 2019 2 min read
Volkswagen Westfalia graveyard

$350,000 will get you this collection of 55 Volkswagen Westfalia that are in need of some restoration

Collecting things is an interesting quirk of human behavior, with some opting for stamps, while others go for paintings. We all aspire to have a car collection, but this particular gentleman’s collection has an unwavering theme. All 55 of his vehicles are Volkswagen Westfalias.

The highly desirable Volkswagen buses are a mixture of split and bay window models that have been accumulated by a man known only as ‘Rob’. They came to our attention via The Drivewhen it pointed out that all of these classic campers are for sale.

However, if you’re after a concours condition Type 2, keep walking. These cult classics are in need of plenty of attention thanks to being kept outside in a horde that appears to be some sort of automotive graveyard. Rusted, unloved, and some even harbouring plant life, each bus looks like it has its own sad story to tell.

Volkswagen Westfalia graveyard

Rob is stated as the curator of these Volkswagens, via his Kijiji sales listing for all 55 vehicles. His add suggests that they are ‘all in good restorable condition’, however, he is demanding an extortionate $500 to simply view the buses. The passive aggression continues in the ad that states that he ‘will not respond to flakes with no money’.

If you decide to travel to Canada, pay the $500 entry fee, and conclude that you might be able to turn this rust to riches, you’ll need another $350,000 to buy them. That works out at an investment of around $6,300 per vehicle, which could turn out to be a profitable venture. Many Type 2’s are restored and enjoyed by those who want to add a retro vibe to their campaign trips.

The advert suggests that these Volkswagens are only being sold as a group, and makes clear that their new custodian will be responsible for transporting all 55 of them.

Are you brave enough to take a $350,000 gamble on this fleet of restorations?

Source: The Drive

Volkswagen Westfalia graveyard
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