Dare To Be Different In A 1924 Ford Evel Knievel Bucket T

Jul 10, 2019 2 min read
Dare To Be Different In A 1924 Ford Evel Knievel Bucket T

This tribute to the late daredevil is fittingly flashy and insane.

Evel Knievel was known for doing absolutely insane stunts in the days before you could strap on a GoPro and share your point of view with the world. The daredevil also would wear American flag-themed getups for his performances, which is why this 1924 Ford Bucket T is the perfect tribute to the legend.

First off, the brash and flashy styling of this hot rod is just perfect. A bright blue paint job with red and white stripes, plus red stars down both sides and rear helps it to stand out. Also helping are the many chromed pieces, like the grille surround, windshield frame, and headlight supports/bezels. Large side-exit exhaust headers and massive turbochargers certainly help to turn heads and maybe even break a few necks. If you look even closer, the studs for the Rocket hot rod wheels are red and spiked, adding to the daring nature of this build. LED lights makes it highly visible at night.

With the cowling completely removed, the 350ci V8 engine is exposed for all to see. Feeding the beast is a Holley sniper fuel injection system and twin 57 mm turbos. The exhaust is custom-fabricated and measures 3 inches.

While the interior is simple, it’s actually quite nice. Thanks to the extension of the tube chassis and wheelbase, plus the body tub, even taller people can fit without doing some crazy yoga pose. White leather bucket seats and door panels, a white steering wheel, and white-faced gauges all compliment each other. You also get fresh black carpeting and cool red backlighting for the gauges.

The hot rod called a Ford Bucket T or T-Bucket is actually a popular conversion of the Ford Model T. Ford sold the Model T from 1908 to 1927, and because of the high supply of these cars as well as their lightweight construction, many hot rodders used them for builds. This unique ride is being offered for sale through Volo Auto Museum.

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