Beautiful DAS Custom Built Two Tone 1974 Ford Bronco

May 6, 2019 2 min read
Beautiful DAS Custom Built Two Tone 1974 Ford Bronco

It's a great representation of the classic SUV market!

As customer ordered builds take priority over company inventory builds, this 1974 Ford Bronco has been sitting in the back of the Davis Auto Sports shop waiting for its chance to shine. With about 8 months of work completed, the Broncos restoration is expected to be 100% later in the month. At the time that the Bronco was added to the DAS inventory as for sale, the DAS restoration team had invested just over 2 months into body work that features in house custom fabricated floor pans with a black Kevlar coating, a custom roll cage, and an incredible two tone paint job.

The interior features an all natural wood steering wheel, new trim, bezels, and accessories, and a Certified Marine components sound system. The brakes were upgraded with a 6 piston brake system from Wildwood that fits nicely in the BFG AT K02 wrapped 17x9 Fuel wheels. The 302 CI engine installed by the previous owner was in perfect working order and only required a service and a new upgraded ignition system. Likewise, the entire driveline and suspension was also serviced. While this prime example of the quality that DAS has to offer is sold, if you’re interested in owning a vehicle like this, they have got you covered.

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As the nation’s leading Jeep Cherokee dealer, Davis Auto Sports has developed a reputation in the market as the place to find the perfect fully built Cherokee XJ. However their specialties are not limited to custom Cherokees, but also include everything from extreme horsepower yielding super cars to custom diesel trucks.

Beautiful DAS Custom Built Two Tone 1974 Ford Bronco

For their custom builds, they take extraordinary pride in starting with the best base examples to be found, and take the time to completely go through them. While servicing all serviceable parts, they often opt to replace parts showing minimal signs of wear that other shops would considered acceptable. Then comes the show stopping custom designs and incredible upgrades and modifications that really catches the eye of anyone that is lucky enough to be on the same road.

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