Take A Video Tour With The CCCA At Buck Hills Falls

Nov 27, 2019 2 min read
Take A Video Tour With The CCCA At Buck Hills Falls

A refreshing vintage video of classic cars invading Buck Hills Falls.

The Classic Car Club of America, or CCCA, has shared this vintage video reel of one of their meets at Buck Hills Falls, Pennsylvania. It looks like the weather is a bit chilly outside, but that didn't stop everyone from attending the car meet with their significant others. In fact, they are doing it up in style with fancy dinners and even dancing!

Classic cars of all kinds can be seen throughout the video. People dressed in their Sunday best for an outing with fellow classic car enthusiasts for a fancy meal and some dance moves. On the outside, it looks to be winter, or close to it, as breath can be seen to those walking around outside with thick jackets and hats. Not only does the quality of the video, the attire, and the historic cars tell the age of the video, but the cigarette smoke inside the boardroom meeting is a telltale sign that this was recorded decades ago.

The CCCA was started shortly after owners of Packards, Cadillacs, etc., from the late 1920s to early 1930s were not eligible to participate in car meets due to their cars being "too modern". This was back in 1951. The CCCA was officially born in 1952, and to entice more members to join, they were invited to exhibit at the International Motor Show at the Grand Central Palace in New York City. Next to their recruiting table sat a 1931 Cadillac V16 All Weather Phaeton. Before the show began, the CCCA membership had a strong 20 members, but by the end of the show, they grew to seventy five. Fast forward another six months, and the club doubled in size again. Later that year on September 17th, 1952, the Classic Car Club of America had 212 members. It is still going strong today with over 3,500 members worldwide, and it is open to anyone who owns or has interest in domestic or foreign motorcars from 1915 to 1948.


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