Enjoy The Sophistication Of A 1954 Aston Martin DB 2/4

Nov 25, 2019 2 min read
Enjoy The Sophistication Of A 1954 Aston Martin DB 2/4

There’s a reason why this car made 007 look good.

There’s really no separating James Bond from the image of this 1954 Aston Martin DB 2/4. Both are exceptionally sophisticated and yet always ready for action, a combination which isn’t common. Obviously, people find those two elements intermingled to be undeniably attractive. Because this classic British car is being offered for sale through DriverSource, you have the opportunity to make it yours and really turn some heads.

You have a lot of be impressed by with this car. First off, it’s a left-hand-drive model from the factory, which is a rarity. Correct details abound, like the Black over Beige scheme and the original, numbers-matching engine and factory body panels stamped with number 143 during the production process.

Any investment-grade vehicle should not only be in fantastic condition, but also come with excellent documentation. Since this car comes with a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate, complete history, and maintenance records, you can be assured it’s not only genuine but has maintained properly.

The exterior is pure svelte styling, which always makes for a dignified and memorable entrance to any event. As for the interior, it offers impeccable craftsmanship and top-shelf materials, including soft leather upholstery and burled walnut trim.

Back in 2009 this DB 2/4 underwent a mechanical restoration at the skilled hands of Kevin Kay Restorations. The work totaled $63,000, ensuring the 2.9-liter VB6J engine and other components run smoothly. If you decide to purchase this vehicle, it’s a turn-key investment you can take on the road and enjoy immediately.

Because this is the DB 2/4, this Aston Martin comes with those classic looks everyone loves as well as two rear seats. It also offers more luggage space in the rear and a chassis which handles freeway speeds with greater comfort, in case you want to use this vehicle for a weekend getaway.

No matter how impressive your classic car collection, this would be a tremendous addition. Of course, you can look through DriverSource’s selection of vehicles to ensure this is the best option for you, or contact the company to obtain details on pricing for this Aston Martin. Keep in mind they offer a number of useful services, including car servicing and storage.

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