Be An Automatic Hero In A 1971 Pontiac Trans Am

Jun 3, 2019 2 min read
Be An Automatic Hero In A 1971 Pontiac Trans Am

Driving such a beast doesn’t get much easier.

Old muscle cars are a blast to drive, but for some they’re also a chore. If you want to make the experience less labor-intensive, perhaps the best way is to find something with an automatic transmission. While that might sound downright blasphemous, this 1971 Pontiac Trans Am is cool enough to look past that and realize everyone deserves a shot at enjoying classic muscle.

Be An Automatic Hero In A 1971 Pontiac Trans Am

Thanks to a recent restoration, this Trans Am has been returned to its previous splendor. That means the white paint job looks great, even under close examination. At the beginning of a classic blue stripe down the middle of the car is that memorable Firebird symbol which later graced the entire hood of many a Trans Am. The restoration preserved the factory badges. A shaker hood, dual exhaust pipes, and other details signal to observant onlookers this car means business. Most people will be hard-pressed to tell this car apart from the 1970 Trans Am, and that’s not a bad thing in the least.

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With the switch from leaded to unleaded gasoline, the 1971 model year marked the introduction of the venerable 455ci V8. A Safe T Track differential helps keep rubber to the road for hard acceleration and smooth handling. Also helping to balance out all that power are power brakes and power steering, luxuries you don’t always get in a classic ride.

Not only do you get a hard-hitting performance vehicle, this Pontiac Trans Am features a nice blue interior. The seats are free of damage, as is the dash and headliner. Tilt steering column and factory air conditioning are cool luxuries. Front and rear consoles are perfect for stashing essentials like a tire gauge, snacks, etc.

While the 1971 Pontiac Trans Am looks so much like the 1970 model year, there are some big differences between the two, mainly the engine. GM only made 1,231 of these with the automatic transmission, so you’ll be hard pressed to stumble across one of these again. All Trans Ams enjoy a cult following, and once you drive one you’ll understand why since they’re a blast on the road or track. Scoop this classic before it’s gone forever.

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