Happiness Is A 1969 Shelby GT500 Drag Pack

Jun 3, 2019 2 min read
Happiness Is A 1969 Shelby GT500 Drag Pack

They say money won’t make you happy, but this car certainly will help.

People do all sorts of things to make themselves feel better on a daily basis. Forget all the keto cleanses, yoga meditative poses, etc. and just get yourself this 1969 Shelby GT500 Drag Pack.

Happiness Is A 1969 Shelby GT500 Drag Pack

That Grabber Yellow paint isn’t something you’ll too often on a GT500 since it was only offered by special order. Paired with black graphics, it’s a striking appearance that makes this car a real standout. Thanks to a rotisserie restoration, all exterior details are in fantastic condition, including all badges, hood pins, etc.

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This Shelby doesn’t just look mean, it brings some serious heat with a 428ci Super Cobra Jet V8 for some pavement-pounding fun. The restoration means everything is the correct factory specs, including the 9-inch rear and 31 spline axles. While that setup certainly will be intimidating for anyone who dares try to race you, the C6 automatic transmission makes this car much easier for you to manage when you light it up.

The fact this Shelby comes with the factory-installed Drag Pack makes it pretty rare, considering only 192 Drag Packs were offered for 1969. Among the OE upgrades is an engine oil cooler, Traction-Lok limited-slip differential, 3.91 nodular case, and more. Basically, this car has been created to go fast in a straight line and pull hard all the way to the end of a quarter mile or longer.

As for the interior, it stays true to the original. All factory gauges and controls, plus the original wood steering wheel make for a genuine experience.

Some big changes came with the 1969 Shelby GT500. One of the most significant was that Ford became the principle force for the development, engineering, and manufacturing of the car, something Shelby was the lead on up until that year. Ford decided to extend the body by 4 inches, among other styling changes. This car not only will get a crowd worked up in a hurry, it’s an historically important car which represents a big step forward for one of America’s largest automakers.

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