See The Eclectic Car Collection Two Brothers Accumulated

Dec 5, 2019 2 min read
See The Eclectic Car Collection Two Brothers Accumulated

Barn Find Hunter once again delivers a knock-out episode.

If you watch Tom Cotter on Barn Find Hunter enough, you’ll start to learn what his greatest asset is. Yes, the man knows his classic cars incredibly well, although nobody can have a perfect knowledge. He’s also passionate about pretty much any old vehicle, whether it’s a Chevrolet, Dodge, BMW, or Honda. However, his greatest skill is on full display in this episode: his ability to network.

Yes, networking is usually a term associated with cocktail parties and conventions, but if you want to find incredible stashes of cars, it’s a necessary skill. Tom keeps his contacts warm, so when he visits North Carolina again he’s able to get valuable information from a former guest of the show.

This leads to meeting a pair of brothers with quite the interesting car collection. It started with their dad, who owned a car restoration business and so accumulated some vehicles on the property. Tom immediately locks onto a Crosley with a Jeep nose on it, and the brothers are floored since nobody before has caught on to what it is so quickly. That’s just a taste for what’s to come.

From there they check out all kinds of cars, including a custom-built Ford, a rare 1951 Ford, a Buick Eight with a sunroof, a 1951 Kaiser Crestiliner, and a 1962 Ford Thunderbird with just 30,000 actual miles. If you see something you like in this episode, the brothers say a lot of the cars shown are for sale. There are some potentially good deals there, with numerous vehicles which run and are in decent condition.

As always, it’s entertaining to see Tom at work. He makes uncovering good stashes of classic cars effortless. Surely clever video editing is part of the trick, but it also goes to show what experience and wisdom brings to the table when it comes to barn find hunting.

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