Ebay Find: 1987 Pulse Autocycle

Dec 5, 2019 2 min read
Ebay Find: 1987 Pulse Autocycle

Does this vehicle fly or fail in your book?

Driving a completely unique vehicle can be a lot of fun, but sometimes your ride is a little too unique. That’s one of the biggest decisions you’d have to make about this 1987 Pulse Autocycle posted on eBay. The auction is set to end next Wednesday evening and this ride has a $38,900 Buy It Now price. But is it worth it?

Ebay Find: 1987 Pulse Autocycle

Yes, this airplane-like road vehicle from Pulse has four wheels, but the government treats it like a tricycle. The wheels on those “wings” are designed so only one can touch the ground at a time, when you’re turning so if you’re nervous about motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles this might be a better fit.

Those body panels are made of fiberglass. Underneath is steel tubing. An 1100cc Honda water-cooled inline-four motorcycle engine is mounted in the rear, with a five-speed manual transmission sending power to the rear wheel. It might not look like it, but this vehicle can fit two people, thanks to tandem seats. A radio and air conditioning are also included.

You’d basically be driving something which looks like it came from Mario Kart. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you really want to turn people’s heads, because this Pulse Autocycle will definitely do that. But it’s not for everyone.

Some people might think this vehicle isn’t street-legal, but it is. This particular one has bee painted to looks like a USAF craft. That’s a fun look and totally appropriate for something like this.

It’s estimated fewer than 350 Pulse Autocycles were made in the 1980s, so finding one isn’t so easy. However, this one was posted on eBay back in September of this year, so obviously the owner is having trouble reaching his reserve on the site.

As of writing this, the eBay listing is getting 5 views an hour, so it’s not exactly setting the world on fire. Would you bid on this vehicle as a unique, fun way to get around, or is it overpriced and too weird?

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