6 Reasons Why Automotive Flea Markets Are The Coolest

Sep 26, 2019 3 min read
6 Reasons Why Automotive Flea Markets Are The Coolest

There are probably a million reason why automotive flea markets and swap meets are cool, but here are our top six. No. 2 is our favorite!

If you have a project car, then you definitely need a good resource for parts, and while there are several options out there, automotive flea markets and swap meets such as Fall Carlisle are by far the coolest. Keep reading to see why.

Fall Carlisle is right around the corners, and if you're heading there, Motorious readers can Promo Code CE1 to get a discount $5 for single day admission and $10 off multi-day admission. As an added bonus, if you plan on heading to the Fall Carlisle auction, then Motorious readers can also save $50 during bidder registration by using Promo Code CA1 as a way of thanking our readers for their support.

1) Much Better Than A Parts Store/Online

For starters, automotive flea markets are far more engaging than buying from a parts store or online. The sights, sounds and even smells of these events creates a sensory experience that you don't get from a big box store or sitting at your computer. There's something to be said for being able to put your hands on a part before buying it.

2)Treasure Hunt

There's no telling what you might find at an automotive flea market, and that's the best part about these events. Not only might there be parts out there for a particular project you might have in mind, there is also an endless amount of other stuff you can find like old car badges, memorabilia or documentation (owner's manuals, sales brochures, etc). As an added bonus, if you live in cold-weather states, automotive flea markets like Fall Carlisle give you one last chance to stock up on parts for your project before the cold weather months set it.

3) Pre-Pulled Parts

U-pull junkyards are fun and all, but we don't always have the kind of time it takes to head to a junkyard to hunt for a car, hope it has the part you're looking for and then trying to remove said part. Most vendors at automotive flea markets have the parts laid out in an orderly fashion for quick and easy location. The images from last year's Fall Carlisle are an excellent example of this.

4) Bartering Is An Option

Like all flea markets, a major benefit of hunting parts at an automotive flea market is the ability to negotiate, trade and barter. At these places, cash is always king, but just as frequently, you might have something that the seller might want. Win-win! There's also a sort of community aspect to automotive flea markets where you can make connections, locate cruise-ins or just have an interesting car chat with a random stranger for a few minutes.

5) Stuff For Kids... Of All Ages

Walking around all those cars, parts and enthusiasts is a great way to spark the car-loving passion in the younger generation. Plus, in addition to the car parts that vendors sell at automotive flea markets, there are almost always some items with kids – or adults reliving their childhood – in mind. This could include anything from old car magazines and advertisements to diecast cars and models.

6) Unique To Fall Carlisle

There are countless automotive flea markets ans swap meets out there, but Fall Carlisle is unique thanks to its massive car corral. With well over 1,000 vehicles being sold privately, you're sure to find any car you're looking for whether it's a winter project or a completed show car.

Click HERE to get your tickets for the 2019 Fall Carlisle!

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