2006 Ford GT Is A Legend Reborn

Sep 13, 2019 2 min read
2006 Ford GT Is A Legend Reborn

This car is a museum piece with just 156 miles on the odometer.

Among modern collector cars, the first-generation Ford GT (2005-06) is one of the most solid returns on investment out there right now. Practically any price you pay for one of these cars will appreciate in coming years, which makes most of these rare cars instant investments. And that's almost certainly the case with this bright red 2006 Ford GT being sold by C&N Motor Cars of Marysville, Ohio. Only 4,038 GTs were made for 2005 and 2006, and this is your chance to own a well-preserved example.

2006 Ford GT Is A Legend Reborn

When it comes to first-gen GTs, it will probably be hard to find one in better shape than this one. In addition to its super-low miles (just 156 miles on the odometer), this '06 GT still has the original Monroney sticker in the window and most of the interior coverings still in place. We'd be surprised if the Goodyear Eagle F1 rubber didn't still have some of the original tire nubs.

The most popular color for the Ford GT was the Mark IV Red Clearcoat hue this car wears, but what sets this one apart is the stripe delete option making it even more of a rarity. Without the stripes, these GTs actually look more like the GT40 from which they were inspired. This car was optioned up with features such as the McIntosh stereo system, red-painted brake calipers and the lightweight forged aluminum wheels.

2006 Ford GT Is A Legend Reborn

The 2006 model year was the last year for the first-gen Ford GT, and it wouldn't be until 2017 that Ford's mid-engine supercar would make its triumphant return. The second-gen GT seems to have played a factor in the increasing popularity of these 2005 and 2006 models, which means this particular probably isn't going to be on the market for very long with its $320,000 price tag. When it does end up selling, don't worry, C&N Motor Cars has plenty of other classic and collector cars in its inventory.


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